The Yearbook was 130% funded on Kickstarter! Thank you to everyone who made this project possible! 

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Squirrels of UT

Squirrels of UT - The Yearbook


The Yearbook was 130% funded on Kickstarter! Thank you to everyone who made this project possible! 


It's a yearbook... for squirrels!

The Squirrels of UT are proud to introduce you to their very own yearbook! With a detailed look of over 200 squirrels, the yearbook features the lives of these furry creatures on campus. Not only can you learn their names and personalities, you also get a look into different squirrels' friendliness levels and even rarity levels! 

Book Details:

  • Hardcover, 8" x 10"
  • Over 100 High-Quality Photo-Print Pages
  • 10 Squirrel-Approved Chapters


  • Introduction
  • Meet the Class
  • Awards
  • Organizations
  • Athletics
  • Majors
  • Family Trees
  • Life on Campus
  • Dreams for the Future
  • Closing


    Free domestic (US) shipping (1-5 day delivery after book production is finished).

    International shipping ranges depending on destination country ($4.99 ~ $17.99). 


    The yearbooks are currently being made and are expected to be done around mid June. The UT squirrels are busy working to get your book to you as soon as possible, so please expect a latest delivery of the end of June!

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        •  Introduction: What is a UT Squirrel? What is a blonde-squirrel? Learn about the nature, lifestyle, and significance of the squirrels that roam the 40 acres!
        •  Meet the class: The UT Squirrels were very excited to pose for their portraits - Take a look at the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes, comprised of more than 200 squirrels! 
        •  Awards: Cutest nose? Best smile? Here are some UT Squirrels known for their adorable award-winning characteristics!
        •  Organizations: Squirrel Government Association, Greek-tree-houses, the Breadstick-club: The UT Squirrels are a part of many esteemed organizations! 
        •  Athletics: Meet the renowned athletics team! The squirrels of UT are great at many different squirrel-sports, from the legendary Acornball to Basketnut!
        •  Majors: Who’s studying what? Take a look at the many squirrels on campus and the majors they are studying (such as the Chemistry of Acorns & Aerospace Engineering)!
        •  Family trees: The UT Squirrels have made campus their home for many years and have left behind a large family tree! See who is related to whom!
        •  Life On Campus:  The UT Squirrels have required undergraduate classes too! Check out their daily schedule and favorite classes!
        •  Dreams for the Future:  What are the UT Squirrels’ dreams for the future? Here is a look at what each UT Squirrel wants to do after graduating!
        •  Closing: A final look at the squirrels, their lives, and what they’ve brought to campus and students! 

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