The Specifics: 

  • Hardcover, 8" x 10"
  • 134 High-Quality Photo-Print Pages
  • 10 Squirrel-Approved Chapters



  •  Introduction: What is a UT Squirrel? What is a blonde-squirrel? Learn about the nature, lifestyle, and significance of the squirrels that roam the 40 acres!
  •  Meet the class: The UT Squirrels were very excited to pose for their portraits - Take a look at the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes, comprised of more than 200 squirrels! 
  •  Awards: Cutest nose? Best smile? Here are some UT Squirrels known for their adorable award-winning characteristics!
  •  Organizations: Squirrel Government Association, Greek-tree-houses, the Breadstick-club: The UT Squirrels are a part of many esteemed organizations! 
  •  Athletics: Meet the renowned athletics team! The squirrels of UT are great at many different squirrel-sports, from the legendary Acornball to Basketnut!
  •  Majors: Who’s studying what? Take a look at the many squirrels on campus and the majors they are studying (such as the Chemistry of Acorns & Aerospace Engineering)!
  •  Family trees: The UT Squirrels have made campus their home for many years and have left behind a large family tree! See who is related to whom!
  •  Life On Campus:  The UT Squirrels have required undergraduate classes too! Check out their daily schedule and favorite classes!
  •  Dreams for the Future:  What are the UT Squirrels’ dreams for the future? Here is a look at what each UT Squirrel wants to do after graduating!
  •  Closing: A final look at the squirrels, their lives, and what they’ve brought to campus and students!