April 2020: Bashful Bilbo

Bashful Bilbo

Found nearby the SAC East Mall area, Bashful Biblo wiggles his shoulder whenever he is happy- and if you have snacks for him, he WILL be happy. This little ball of CHONK, likely due to the squirrel competition in the area, usually will not eat his snacks until he has carried them away to a location out of sight from the other squirrels. But, the moment he digs in, is shoulders start to do the "Bilbo Dance", rising up and down in joy as he nibbles on a peanut. He is comfortable around humans and will sometimes jump on your shoe to grab your attention, so be cautious and aware not to step on him- he is a fellow Longhorn too!



Age: 1 -- He celebrated his first birthday in October.

Rarity Level: ★★☆☆☆

Friendliness Level: ★★★★★



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