who are

the squirrels of ut?

The squirrels that inhabit the 40 acres are without a doubt different than any other squirrels. As if their own kind, they are friendly, outgoing, and clever at begging for snacks.

This page documents the lives of such squirrels on campus, detailing their names, personalities, and families. Whether you are a current student, alumni, relative (of a student/grad), or just love squirrels, I hope you will enjoy a peek into the lives of these silly tree-creatures!


the yearbook!

Front Cover of Squirrels of UT Austin Yearbook



A very kind boy who will save your spot for you when you're gone. 



Royal heir of the Teacup clan, a prominent family of UT squirrels who rule over the SAC. He really likes trees and peanuts. 



Queen of the SAC squirrels and the friendliest squirrel on all of campus. She loves humans and will run to you from miles away to say hello. 


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